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Since 1948, Chloride has been a global leader in the design, manufacture and servicing of industrial UPS systems that secure power supply for critical equipment across essential industries.


About Chloride

About Chloride

Chloride is one of the world’s leading companies in designing and manufacturing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for critical loads in the energy, transport, industry, and infrastructure markets.

The origin of Chloride stretches back to the 1890s, with its roots in the design and production of batteries. With an interest in the power supply needs of heavy industry sectors, Chloride entered a new era, shifting to the manufacture and installation of mission-critical industrial UPS systems In its many years of evolution, Chloride acquired numerous other aligned businesses.

Chloride’s History

Chloride’s History

Chloride is a brand with over 130 years of history. 

Founded in 1891, the organization began as Chloride Electrical, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing batteries. Chloride acquired Coredel in 1978, bringing 30 years of experience in the uninterruptible power supply industry into the organization, and setting the path Chloride has followed since.

Today, Chloride has achieved its goal of becoming a market leader in the Uninterruptible Power Supply marketplace for mission-critical industrial applications. 

Our story is one of strategic acquisitions combined with product innovations.

Company Profile/ Brochure

Company Profile/ Brochure

Chloride specialises in the protection of mission-critical infrastructure. 

We design, manufacture and customise products to specifically address our client’s needs. 

Our technology can weather storms and survive explosions. If you have a challenge with no easy answers, trust us to find the solution.

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Global Execution Director
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VP Global Innovation and Technology
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VP Global Sales
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Global Legal Director
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Global QEHS Director
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Global Customer Care Director
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Sustainability & CSR Program

Our ambition is to integrate CSR as a central part of our corporate strategy and to fully integrate it into our operations by 2023. 

The protection of our employees, customers and users remains at the heart of our concerns. It is the same for ethics, which remains the guiding principle of our business and is a major factor to choose our partners and employees. The diagnosis of our impacts and the identification of our stakeholders are underway to define the significant issues of Chloride.

Our desire is to integrate these issues in all projects developed in the company.

A parallel work is conducted to determine Chloride’s carbon impact through the diagnosis Decarbon'Action. The associated action plan will allow us to define our commitments in terms of impacts on products, services and within our facilities.

Chloride specialises in the protection of mission-critical infrastructure.

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Partner Programme

Partner Programme

As our partner or representative, you can take advantage of all that we are doing to build our new brand into the strongest in the industry. This guide details how you can protect and strengthen the Chloride™ brand while leveraging it in your business.


Supplier Program

Chloride requires its suppliers to respect fundamental principles of Human Rights. Chloride selects suppliers who promote safety and protect the environment. Together we develop sustainable products and solutions for our customers.